CAAG – Czech Association of Geophysicists
Charles University, Faculty of Science
Department of Geophysics
Albertov 6
128 43 Praha 2
Czech Republic

Publication ethics

The journal publishes original research results, not submitted to any other publication. If particular sections overlap with already published or submitted content, author are obliged to acknowledge and cite those sources. Author should provide editor a copy of any submitted manuscript that might contain overlapping or closely related content. The journal will not consider for publication contributions having clear signs of any form of plagiarism, duplicate, multiple, or simultaneous submission. In practice journal refuses:

  • manuscripts submitted to more journals simultaneously, as well as multiple manuscripts based on the same results,
  • author reuses substantial parts of his or her own already published, including paraphrasing, known as self-plagiarism and duplication
  • author submits manuscript with small amount of additional research results to previously published paper
  • author submits manuscript already published in different language without notification of editor and relevant explanation
  • author attempts to publish work of someone else, known as plagiarism.

All submitted manuscripts are screened for plagiarism by Grammarly plagiarism tool.