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Peer-review process

EGRSE is reviewed journal; all articles are subjected to peer-review.

Common rules are accepted, such as:

  • peer-review that is defined as an obtaining advice on individual manuscripts from reviewers’ expert in the field;
  • judgments that should be objective;
  • reviewers that should have no conflict of interest;
  • reviewers that should point out relevant published work which is not yet cited;
  • reviewed articles that should be treated confidentially.

Responsible person for peer-review process is chairman of the Editorial Board. Reviews of individual articles and the other materials are summarized by the editor in chief.

Responsible person for communication between author (i.e. corresponding author) and publisher is the chairman of the Editorial Board. Common process is possible to describe as follows:

  • Author send manuscript adapted according Instruction for authors to the editorial board ( The chairman acknowledges to the author the receipt of readable manuscript and the manuscript sends to the editor in chief.
  • The chairman in cooperation with next members of the Editorial board selects usually two reviewers; occasionally the third reviewer is asked.
  • The editor in chief must to correct format errors of the manuscript and he sends this document to the chairman back.
  • The chairman sends this corrected document together with reviewer´s reports to the author.
  • Author has to correct manuscript according to all demands and then send the corrected manuscript together with signed “Author´ ́s warranties” to the chairman.
  • The chairman in cooperation of the members of Editorial Board judges the corrected manuscript. If it is necessary (especially when reviewers recommended major corrections), the reviewer is asked again.
  • The chairman must inform the author whether the manuscript is accepted for publication or is cancelled.
  • The editor in chief sends the final formatted version of manuscript to author for agreement.

Basic requests for authors are summarized in “Author warranties“ and “Guide for authors (template)“. Authors are obliged to participate in peer review process; without active access manuscript is cancelled.